Crypto Trends Hreatened To Fade This Year

Apbdindo.idCrypto Trends Hreatened To Fade This Year Crypto and all trinkets are believed to be the technology of the future. However, crypto trends can come and go at lightning speed. What trends will soon wither in 2022?

Since the crypto and digital asset fever in 2020 to 2021, more and more people are investing and developing interest in various blockchain derivative technologies.

Especially those that are considered capable of providing the best return, promising sustainability, and / or are still in the early stages so that they can still develop in the coming years.

While crypto and blockchain technologies have seen a rapid rise in recent years, their adoption is sometimes not as smooth as imagined.

Entering the year 2022, crypto winter triggers doubts for many investors or potential investors who want to enter the market.

On a small level, the confidence of many crypto-lovers in a digital project that initially promised great prospects begins to show pessimism.

From some crypto technologies and Terms known to investors or traders such as Non-Fungible tokens (NFT), Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Metaverse, to Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO), there are also some innovations that seem to be starting to fade or even threaten to wither before they develop.

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Types of games to play to get

The Play to Earn type of game began to show a significant increase in 2021 with the advent of Axie Infinity, Mines of Dalarnia, to My Neighbor Alice.

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In principle, P2E games allow the players to earn crypto tokens with certain utility just by playing the game consistently.

These games bring in hundreds of thousands of players every day. Even so, the sharp rise in the number of users and players in 2021 did not continue until 2022.

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Crypto Launchpad

The launchpad Platform in crypto essentially functions like a fundraiser for an early stage project that requires investment without necessarily involving venture capitalists (VCs), central organizations, or conventional banks.

This mechanism is actually quite interesting, because both technology developers and potential investors alike find the best and most profitable cooperation potential.

In its early days, launchpad was widely used to develop potential technologies, platforms, or specialized crypto projects, and connect them with potential future investors.

Some of the most popular launchpad platforms are BnB Launchpad, including South Korean Klaytn and BoostX.

Yield Farm
One important technology that is considered as a pillar in DeFi is yield farm. As the name suggests, yield farm provides an opportunity for its users to earn profits (yield) from certain tokens through staking mechanism.

At the peak of its popularity, yield farm began to give rise to standalone platforms that raked in a large number of users and raised promising swap funds.

However, this hype did not last long. The increasing number of yield farming platforms that stand alone and attract users by promising large yields is resulting in an increasingly severe saturation of the market.

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The fundamentals of many yield farming platforms falter as they are unable to maintain cash flow commitments to pay compensation for staking investors.

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