Chandigarh Viral Video
Chandigarh Viral Video

Chandigarh Viral Video

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Chandigarh Viral Video – A video of 60 girl students studying at Chandigarh University in Mohali taking a bath has gone viral. After this incident, 8 girl students have attempted suicide. One of them is in critical condition.

This video was made by a fellow student and she had sent it to a friend in Shimla. He posted these videos on social media. After the video surfaced, there was a huge uproar in Chandigarh University on Saturday-Sunday night, which is continuing till now. Students and their families are protesting.

1. How to learn about the video

The girl students whose videos went viral and those who went viral, they all study in MBA. The accused student was making videos for a long time and was sending it to her friend. He posted this video on social media. A student saw this video on social media and after that the ruckus started.

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2. What did the accused student say

When the hostel warden questioned the accused girl, she said that I have sent these videos to a boy. The girl said that she does not know the boy. Even after asking the warden many times, the girl did not tell what is her relationship with the boy and who is he. She was asked that since when she has been making this video, the student did not even answer her. She kept saying again and again that a mistake has been made and that I will not do it again.

3. The

voice message of a university student is also going viral on social media. It hasn’t been confirmed yet. In this message, a girl is saying – A girl has made a video viral. Initially they were saying that this happened with 4 girls. Now it is learned that videos of 60 plus girls have gone viral. Videos of girls of all blocks are being made in D block, C block, B block. The girl who has done this work has kept her locked up. Those who are the authorities, the warden, they are talking about suppressing this whole matter. We have been banging since morning. We are being told to suppress the matter.

4. Reaction of University Girls

After this video surfaced, all the girl students came out after vacating the hostel. They started raising slogans of ‘We want justice’. The girls surrounded the whole university. Seeing this, the security personnel closed the university gates. Immediately the police force was called to the spot. When the police tried to pacify the girl students, they overturned the vehicles of the PCR teams of the police. The police also had to lathi-charge to pacify them. After which a large number of police forces were deployed there.

5. The accused student showed the girl in the hostel the photo of her fellow boy

The girls in the hostel asked the accused student why she made this video. Was there any pressure on him? The girls said that if you tell the truth now, then the matter will end here. There will be no police complaint against you. On this, the accused student first said that the boy who had asked her to make the video did not know her. When the girls repeatedly told him that tell the truth, then you will be saved, then the accused girl showed the boy’s photo in her phone. However, complete information has not yet been received that what is the relation of the accused girl with this boy and why she used to send him the video.

6. Stand of Police, Administration, Women’s Commission and Government

Efforts are being made to handle the situation in the university. Police force is deployed. Police is trying to know what was the purpose of collecting these videos? This girl is also from Himachal and the boy is also from there. So why did these two do this? Police has started action to nab the accused friend who lives in Shimla. The girl has been taken into custody. Punjab Women’s Commission chairperson Manisha Gulati is reaching Chandigarh University. She said that I myself will go and find out what is the whole matter? Education Minister Harjot Bains said that we will take strict action in this matter.

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